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  Product Name: DC-5000


l  RTNT: Real-time network transfer of both images and videos

l  SVVR: Video recording up to one hour

l  Direct printing: freeze-print, bypassing workstation or DICOM. Save time and cost of the thermal printer

l  Support all PC printers and video printers

l  One click restoration of O/S

l  Internally embedded workstation: support multiple templates and expert annotation

l  Automatic identification of probes

l  Flexible OB formula: Obstetric formula could be defined and revised by end-users


Standard Configuration: 
DC-5000 main unit 
15"" high definition non-interlaced LCD monitor, special for medical imaging 
Three activated transducer connectors 
Electronic convex array transducer: CA3.5MHz/R50 (2.0-6.0MHz) 
Electronic linear array transducer: LA7.5MHz/L40 (5.0-10.0MHz)
Electronic linear array transducer: LA7.5MHz/L50 (5.0-10.0MHz) 
Electronic linear array transducer: LA7.5MHz/L40 (6-14.0MHz) 
Phased array transducer: PA2.5MHz (1.0-5.0MHz) 
Electronic endocavity transducer: EV6.5MHz/R10 (4.0-9.0MHz) 
Electronic micro-convex array transducer: MC3.5MHz/R20 (2.0-6.0MHz) 
4D Package [Volume transducer CLA4.5MHz (2.5-6.5MHz) + 4D software] 
Freehand 3D Software 
Needle-guided brackets 
RTDT (real-time dynamic transfer of images and videos)