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  Product Name: ECG-103C
  Model: ECG-103C

Main Features:
1. 12 leads simultaneous acquisition electrocardiograph
2. 3 channels printout on 80mm wide thermal paper.
3. It works in manual or automatic mode with the possibility to have a hard copy of the last recording.
4. Powered by internal Li-ion batteries with high capacity which guarantee a long autonomy.
5. Large screen color LCD and Touch-screen
6. High resolution graphic LCD DISPLAY in Standard or Cabrera format with baseline setting
7. HIGH RESOLUTION THERMAL PRINTER (8 dots/mm): Hardcopy 3 channels real time
8. RECORDING manual or automatic
9. MEMORY 60 seconds for each lead
10. IMAGE FREEZE with memory scrolling for reviewing and hardcopy of the acquired signals
11. DIGITAL FILTERS for elimination of muscles tremors, power line and base line disturbs and baseline wandering
12. OPERATION very simple through predefined fast keys, patient ID and name input
13. Based on a 32 bits RISC PROCESSOR for a full digital signal processing.