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  Product Name: PFM-700
  Model: PFM-700

Standard with Fetal irritability, contractions and fetal heart, PFM-700 add blood oxygen, pulse rate and blood pressure. PFM-700 Fetal Monitor for twins.

PFM-700 are high-tech fetal& maternal monitor, it offers a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in doctors’ practices, clinics and hospitals, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies
-Standard configuration: FHR, TOCO,FM , AFM, FMP
-Folded 10.1 inch TFT LCD high-brightness screen
-12 elements water proof pulse doppler transducer
-Event marker for easy documentation of events and kick counts
-Fetal movement profile ( FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements
-Twin fetus monitoring capabilityand twin signal overlap alarm function
-Configuration audible and flashing alarms
-Built-in high speed thermal printer ( width: 112mm)
-Supporting TCP/IP or wireless connection to the central monitoring station
-Internal Li-ion battery power AC power from external power supply