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  Product Name: IP-200IV
  Model: IP-200IV

Flow rate range        0.1~1200 ml/h
                     Micro mode: 0.1-99.9 ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments
Infusion moderate      mode,drip mode,time mode,body weight mode
Volume to be infuse    0~9999ml
Volume Infused       0 ~36000 ml
Infusion accuracy      ±5%
Applicable infusion set    Various brands of infusion set, optional:Hawkmed brand infusion set
KVO rate    1 ~ 5 ml/h
Bolus rate   300 ~ 1200 ml/h
Purge    600ml/h
Computer InterfaceRs232 (optional)
History records    1500 history records
Power supply    AC:100~240V,50/60Hz       DC:12V ±1V
Dimensions   145´100´120 mm(length´width´height)
Weight    £1.4kg
Operating conditions    Temperature:5°~40°,relative humidity:10~95%,
Transport conditions   Temperature-20°~+60°,relative humidity:10~95%,
Storage conditions     Temperature-20°~+45°,relative humidity:10~95%,