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  Product Name: KSOC-5
  Model: KSOC-5

KSOC-5 Oxygen concentrator

Flow Range:1-5L
Oxygen Purity:93%±3%
Input Voltage:220V/110V
Output Pressure - 30-70kPa
Noise: ≤45dB
Packing Size:46.5×37.5×65.5cm
G.W./N.W. - :21.3kg/19kg

1) Adopted by USA technology, oil-free compressor free of maintenance. Low noise, light weight, slow temperature rising and high efficiency 
2) Adopted by France imported molecular sieve. Special filling technology accompanied with reasonable absorption, tower structure design and strict producing management to guaranteeing 
3) There are 5 level filter guarantee the oxygen purity reach to medical level in oxygen concentrator. 
4) High definition LED screen and super clear reading. 
5) There is high performance spring on the bottom of oxygen concentrator, so that it will reduce shake. The multiple noise reduction system design to guarantee super silence. 
6) Foam filter on the oxygen concentrator is detachable, washable and reusability.
7) The oxygen concentrator is adopted by external humidifier bottle design, so that convenient to cleaned, furthermore, this type of oxygen concentrator will provide the function of oxygen and atomization. One machine has two functions. 
8) The oxygen concentrator is adopted by multiple alarm structure design, used safely and super-assured
9) High-efficiency, durable and low failure rate because the electric core is adopted by pure copper.